Last month Larry King joined the ranks of celebrities who have jumped in on the home goods market with his new line of bedding – a collection aptly named ‘Sleep Like A King’.   It seems like almost every celebrity is climbing aboard the lifestyle wagon from Ellen DeGeneres ‘ED’ line to Pharrell Williams Home.  As I waded through the stacks of product photos I wondered if the celebrity had much at all to do with the designing?   I am sure that a great deal of them simply approve a set of drawings that cross their desk and return to memorizing their script or writing their latest hit song.  I will say that I probably would buy a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker shoes (after all, she introduced me to Manolo Blahnik’s)….that said, I’m not interested in most of the celebrity products I see – they all look the same to me.  You see one bath towel you’ve seen them all.

Bathtub by Pitt Pollaro

Some ventures seem to fit the namesake, others not so much.   As a designer I’m always looking for new and interesting designs and one line that really stood out to me was Pitt-Pollaro (yes, Brad).  Good grief, here you have an outstanding actor who can truly design some incredible furniture pieces.  It seems that when he wasn’t in the middle of shooting a film or at Cannes with his beautiful wife, he was sketching literally hundreds of furniture pieces over a decade.   He met the ultimate craftsman, Frank Pollaro, and they decided to team up and turn some of these designs into reality.  They don’t have tons of pieces – just enough.  I love the marble bathtub pictured here.  Pure luxury!   Each piece is meticulously designed and built.

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